Why it pays to be thorough……

I quite often see beginners and new detectorists lacking in quantity of finds, so I often ask how are you working the areas? The usual response is just walking around swinging.

A good example of this was a few weeks ago at a local sports field, there was a fellow detecting there already when I arrived. Watching him, I could see he was moving very fast and just randomly around the area. After 2 mins, my first coin appeared, and I then set about working this area as if I were mowing my lawn. Coin after coin leaping out of the ground, by the end of my 1.5 hr session I had a good tally. The other fellow decided to come over for a chat and produced about $10 in gold coins and with a big smile said he had a good session and asked how I had gone. He was rather surprised when I pulled a fist full of goldies out (totalling $87) from the small area I had been working slowly and methodically.

I have always found I come home with little if I am impatient and moving quickly and randomly, but when I calm down, slow down, and work methodically I usually end up with a good total.

So to all new hands, I posit to you- its not about how much ground you cover, but how thorough you cover it! - Cory Dale.

Equinox finds
Equinox finds