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Goldies in The Grass....


Ok it’s Saturday morning – up at 7am – as it’s going to be a hot summers day. Vegies watered, the mandatory coffee consumed – what will I do next !!

I know – I will go and try to find enough one and two dollar coins with my Equinox 800 to buy breakfast at McDonalds!!

I decided to go to a small sports ground in town, to try my...

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On The Hunt for Goldies....

During a recent Expo that Miners Den Australia attended in Sydney I had a spare day to go and do a bit of coin hunting around the area. Wayne from Minelab Electronics was there to assist during the event. My usual approach is just to target the $1 & $2 coins at these event sites

We found a closed bar with a grass patch wit...

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Here are some finds from a few beaches and a caravan park early this week using the Minelab CTX 3030.

The settings used on the CTX 3030 for the wet sand on the beach were

  • Mode 2 (beach)
  • Pattern 2
  • Manual Sensitvity, set between 24 – 28 (choose the one that has a stable threshold)
  • Target Trace turned on (helps to identify bottle tops)
  • Seawater checked (he...
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Mar 16, 2017 9:42:09 AM By Miners Den Minelab CTX-3030 Metal Detector Finds

We had a wind storm come through Melbourne recently. The bay was quite choppy, so it could be a good time to put the CTX to work. The afternoon was cool and cloudy with few people around. The first beach I visited had lots of footprints on it. There were some faint wheel tracks on the sand so the beach cleaning machine had been around fairly recent...

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I had the afternoon off work so some time with the Minelab CTX 3030 was in order. We had just had some storms around Melbourne so the chance of some erosion on the beach was possible. I reset the detector to the factory pre-sets, did a noise cancel, put it into beach mode and turned on the target trace. I find the target trace to be very helpful in...

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A few months ago I joined a web site “Dirt Fishing Australia" on this site there are really great people that post information, pictures of their finds & general chat as well as organize trips.

I was fortunate to join in on a trip organized by a Robo (all round great guy to meet & know) to do a bit of Gold hunting & Camping. On the day we arrived we...

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I was studying an old map which showed considerable alluvial gold workings in an isolated area near Bendigo and decided to take a drive there to see if it had seen many detectorists.

The diggings were extensive and probably had a large population in the 1860's. It appeared as though nobody had been detecting there so I switched on the Minelab CTX 30...

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A few days before Christmas, I went out bush in search of likely coin/relic hunting areas near Bendigo, of which there are plenty, but most I’ve found had seen a detector or two over the years, and most of the easy targets had gone long ago.

I managed to locate a small settlement site, with the remains of several stone houses in a row which I guess ...

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I recently found a group of old gold diggings in the Greater Bendigo area which upon inspection didn’t appear to have been detected before, or at least not recently, so I was fairly keen on grabbing either the GPX 5000 for gold, or my CTX 3030for the relics left behind by the old miners.

I fired up the GPX 5000 with a mono coil just to get an idea o...

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The picture below is of my last years worth of finds up until January this year with my Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector.

Not shown is all the $1 and $2 coins as they get spent  and lots of sinkers donated to my fathers fishing adventures.

Finds come from a range of locations from Beaches to Bush including local parks, military sites and old house sit...

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Jan 4, 2014 7:19:01 AM By Miners Den Brisbane Minelab CTX-3030 Metal Detector Finds Minelab Treasure Detector Finds