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A while ago I was at home looking on the internet when an old racecourse caught my eye. As I searched TROVE I became more intrigued. The racecourse had operated on and off for about 25 years and eventually closed about 1900 because of the distance it was from town. Searching old maps of the area revealed a “Racecourse Reserve”. It was on private pr...

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A Lady was at Seacliff beach South Australia and lost her ring late in the evening.She and her son tried to find it but couldn’t. She was sure she knew where she’d lost it but try as they might, they couldn’t find it.

Eventually she was told about the Southern Seekers Metal Detecting Club & phoned the President.He agreed to meet them back at the beach about lunchtime the next day.

After a number of sweeps of the beach where they believed it had been lost ….. they located it.It was still where she had lost it but overnight it had sunk down to about 1foot deep.

As you can imagine she was overjoyed in getting it back.

We don’t know the value of the ring but it weighed in at 4.5grams and as you can see it’s a big ring with row after row of beautiful diamonds, each one set with individual heart shaped settings.

Goldies in The Grass....


Ok it’s Saturday morning – up at 7am – as it’s going to be a hot summers day. Vegies watered, the mandatory coffee consumed – what will I do next !!

I know – I will go and try to find enough one and two dollar coins with my Equinox 800 to buy breakfast at McDonalds!!

I decided to go to a small sports ground in town, to try my...

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On The Hunt for Goldies....

During a recent Expo that Miners Den Australia attended in Sydney I had a spare day to go and do a bit of coin hunting around the area. Wayne from Minelab Electronics was there to assist during the event. My usual approach is just to target the $1 & $2 coins at these event sites

We found a closed bar with a grass patch wit...

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Why it pays to be thorough……

I quite often see beginners and new detectorists lacking in quantity of finds, so I often ask how are you working the areas? The usual response is just walking around swinging.

A good example of this was a few weeks ago at a local sports field, there was a fellow detecting there already when I arrived. Watching him, I cou...

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Oct 24, 2018 11:40:44 AM By Cory Dale Minelab Treasure Detector Finds

Knowledge is everything, don't be afraid to ask!

After detecting another park for an hour with nothing historical turning up I started talking to a local and they mentioned a park down the road had quite a bit of history.

I immediately changed spots.

After criss crossing the park i found a hot spot and picked up a 1920 silver shilling and an 1898 Brit...

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Jun 15, 2018 2:24:10 PM By Rachel Hunter Minelab Treasure Detector Finds

As you all may have heard, there has much excitement around the release of Minelab’s new Equinox detectors. I have been seeing customers having great success so far, and was absolutely chuffed when one of my gold detecting buddies invited me to go for a beach hunt over Easter. Not only was it my first beach hunt for a couple of years but it was my ...

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Apr 18, 2018 2:45:37 PM By Miners Den Brisbane Minelab Treasure Detector Finds

My wife Leslie and I have been gold, coin and relic detecting for 34 years. The hobby has been so good to use that we decided to provide a lost jewellery recovery service to people who have lost their much treasured jewellery items. Some years ago - the Miners Den - located at Mitcham asked us if we were in interested in providing such a service as...

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May 4, 2017 3:19:32 PM By Miners Den Melbourne Minelab Treasure Detector Finds

We had a wind storm come through Melbourne recently. The bay was quite choppy, so it could be a good time to put the CTX to work. The afternoon was cool and cloudy with few people around. The first beach I visited had lots of footprints on it. There were some faint wheel tracks on the sand so the beach cleaning machine had been around fairly recent...

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After a detecting session at Manly I picked up this : 8 x $2's ; 8 x $1's ; 2 x 50c ; 6 x 20c ; 9 x10c ; 18 x 5c ; a NZ 20c coin ; a " dog tag " from an American sailor ( a Kenneth Brousseau. USN. ); AND a NIXON two minutes to midnight , THE MAGNACON SS watch. 

On googling the watch it retails for A$999 ( US$750 ) and is shipped to Aust from USA on ...

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Jul 31, 2015 9:45:41 AM By Miners Den Sydney Minelab Treasure Detector Finds