Do you scrub your coil on the ground when detecting for gold ??

Often we get complaints from customers saying that their skid plates wear out too quick – as we have always been told to keep the coil as close to the ground as possible – to get maximum depth.

Speaking to a manufacturer of coils about this issue, their response was that they actually do not want their customers scrubbing the coils on the ground – as more depth can be gained from having the coil approx. 1/2 inch off the ground – stating the coil can get swamped with too much information when the ground is very mineralized.

Not quite believing what he told us, I decided to check this out for myself. I went to a local test patch, that had three lead targets buried deep. I went over the three targets with the coil scrubbing the ground, and could just hear them. I then lifted the coil ½ inch off the ground – and to my surprise – the three targets all came in better !!

Further testing on subsequent trips out detecting revealed that in a lot of cases, these results were replicated on in situ targets. The only exceptions tended to be on quiet ground, or on small targets.

So next time you are out detecting – have a go at varying your coil height – you may be surprised !!