Since the CTX 3030 was launched in 2012, Minelab has continued to refine the mechanical platform throughout the development of the GPZ 7000 gold detector, launched in 2015. While many of these ongoing design changes were specific to the GPZ 7000 only, two of the improvements are universal across both products and will now be available on all new CTX 3030 detectors from January 2016 onwards. These improvements are:

New Battery Sand Seal

The battery now has a sand seal fitted that minimises the ingress of sand that could potentially compromise the internal ‘o’-ring waterproofing rubber seal.

New Armrest Lock

The ‘turn’ mechanism that could become loose after repeated use has been replaced with a ‘push’ mechanism for increased reliability and ease of adjusting.

New CTX 3030 detectors with these functional improvements will be identifiable through the addition of a NEW MECHANICAL DESIGN IMPROVED WATERPROOFING sticker on the front of the product carton.

For existing Minelab CTX 3030 owners you can contact your local Miners Den Store to enquire about the Service Update, service updates are $200.00 including parts and labour. Please note if there are no issues with your machine a service update is not required.