My wife Leslie and I have been gold, coin and relic detecting for 34 years. The hobby has been so good to use that we decided to provide a lost jewellery recovery service to people who have lost their much treasured jewellery items. Some years ago - the Miners Den - located at Mitcham asked us if we were in interested in providing such a service as they often received requests from the public to find their lost items. We have conducted several hundred searches with much success. What we provide is a service, not a business so we only charge for our petrol costs. We use Minelab E-TRAC detectors in all our searches. One of the most memorable and heart-warming searches occurred in 2015.

We received a call to look for a lost man's wedding ring. The residence looked very well kept with a beautiful garden. Following introductions we out that the husband was 93 years old and his wife who was blind was 91. They were quite devasted at the loss as the gold for the lost ring had been panned by his grandfather when he was a boy in South Africe. He had conducted a thorough search inside and ouside to no avail. We always ask epople to tell us in order what their movements were on the day of the loss. We searched the spotless garage and the lvoely garden where he had been but we were running out of places to check. After further questioning he said he also had gone out to the mail box. A final clue. Leslie checked the garden bed down the driveway and...Bingo..there is was!! We called them out and Leslie pressed the ring into his hand, they immediately hugged each other and burst into tears, we we did too - very, very emotional. Such a relief! In following days we recieved flowers from their daughters in Queensland and New South Wales and a lovely card from the man in which he related further details about the ring.

Rest assured we declined his offer to pay for our services, as we always do for deserving cases!

Neville and Leslie Woolard.