As you all may have heard, there has much excitement around the release of Minelab’s new Equinox detectors. I have been seeing customers having great success so far, and was absolutely chuffed when one of my gold detecting buddies invited me to go for a beach hunt over Easter. Not only was it my first beach hunt for a couple of years but it was my first time to really get to know the Equinox 800!

I have had quite a few hunts with the CTX 3030 at the beach before and was always impressed with how it ran, but was not expecting what I experienced with the 800.

Firstly the weight- I was able to swing it all day with no problem ( although I was sore the next day- not detecting for many months will do that though!)

The headphones- were easy to pair, have a very nice sound quality and are also very comfortable. I used them as Bluetooth and couldn’t say I could perceive any delay in the signal.

But the main impression I got was how easy it was to setup- the first hr or so I left everything in default. I simply turned the machine on, set it to beach mode 1 and performed a noise cancel and away I went. The beach that day had some cuts with a lot of black sand present- it did get a little bit of falsing on the black sand, but not enough to be distracting. I did try beach mode 2 for a bit and that really cut all the falsing out but I ended up sticking with mode 1 as the I felt the odd chatter was not worrying me. I was also quite surprised how beach mode 1 performed on the wet sand and shallow water- the manual says to use mode 2 in that situation, but I experienced no falsing in mode 1 on the default sensitivity of 20!

Plenty of old 5c and 1c and 2c coins were coming out of the cuts and many very small old-time copper nails, but nothing interesting.

After lunch, I decided to adjust some settings based on what I have learned from the manual. Mainly I decided to up the threshold volume to an audible volume and a nice pitch for my hearing, and also changed over to all metal mode, lowering the volume of the iron targets. And this is when things got quite interesting.

With an audible threshold is was able to hear little gaps every now and then- looking at the screen I was getting a negative number indicating an iron target. Then I got a little gap in the threshold that was very repeatable, but no target ID number was showing up. So I recovered a few scoops of sand to get the coil closer to the target, and to my surprise a very faint tone could be heard- but still no ID number. After a few more scoops I had a solid tone and ID number of 20-21. A few more scoops later and out popped a $2 coin. This happened a number of times and all turned out to be gold coins or sinkers at major depth!  I went on diging all faint signals that afternoon and the coins came out one after the other. Most were 5c and 10c which I knew they would be from the ID number , but it was the depth that kept amazing me- I have never dug so many DEEP coins on a beach before!

Sadly nothing of value was found that hunt, but I had heaps of fun with the equinox, and I can certainly see what all the fuss is about! It is a superb machine that is light, waterproof and so easy to setup, even by a treasure hunting novice like me! My next trip with an equinox is certainly going to be a gold hunting trip…….. I have just the spot in mind!

EQUINOX 800 Beach Finds