Goldies in The Grass....


Ok it’s Saturday morning – up at 7am – as it’s going to be a hot summers day. Vegies watered, the mandatory coffee consumed – what will I do next !!

I know – I will go and try to find enough one and two dollar coins with my Equinox 800 to buy breakfast at McDonalds!!

I decided to go to a small sports ground in town, to try my luck. Only targeting the familiar tone and ID numbers of the one and two dollar coins – they started to come in at a steady rate. After an hour and a half I had found $28, and a silver ring !! Maccas here I come !!

Being a public sports ground – I did not want to dig any holes – and risk getting kicked out. So I set the sensitivity of the detector on 6 (so I did not get any deep targets) and used a Pro Find 35 pin pointer – and a Dave’s Deck Saver (kind of like a screw driver) to retrieve the coins – without doing any damage to the grass (thank you Cory at Brisbane Gold for the tip).