New Product - PRO-SONIC Universal Wireless Audio System - Coming Soon!

Minelab is pleased to announce that our newest accessory, the PRO-SONIC Universal Wireless Audio System will be available soon. PRO‑SONIC generates clear and fast audio responses using advanced wireless technology. It's easy to set up and go detecting, with no messy cables to get tangled in!

The PRO‑SONIC Receive Module features an internal loudspeaker and a 6.35mm (¼") headphone socket for use with your choice of headphones. It can be attached to your harness or clothing using the metal belt clip. 


  • Use headphones or built-in speaker
  • Adjustable volume setting
  • 10 m / 32-feet operating range
  • SDC 2300 adapter cable included
  • Charge from your car, AC power or USB charger

Compatible with most Minelab and other brand detectors!

More details available soon. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new accessory!