Sometimes you can get in a rut with your detecting – heading back to the old workings from the
1800’s to find a few small nuggets here and there. There has definitely been a lot of gold found from
some of these areas – and advances in coils/detectors has allowed us to revisit those areas time and
time again, with more nuggets found – but do you ever detect virgin ground (ground that has not
been turned over by the old miners) ? It usually takes longer to find gold in virgin ground than
detecting the old workings, but it does give you the ability to find new patches of gold that other
people have missed.

When detecting virgin ground, it pays to detect quicker than what you usually would, so that you can
cover a fair amount of ground in a day. The aim is to find that first nugget, so that you can slow
down and detect at your normal speed. Sometimes when you do find a nugget, no more can be
found in the vicinity – which is very frustrating !!

But sometimes that one nugget can lead to a patch. It is great fun when every target you dig is
gold !!

So have a go at looking for new patches …….. you never know what you may find !!