On The Hunt for Goldies....

During a recent Expo that Miners Den Australia attended in Sydney I had a spare day to go and do a bit of coin hunting around the area. Wayne from Minelab Electronics was there to assist during the event. My usual approach is just to target the $1 & $2 coins at these event sites

We found a closed bar with a grass patch within walking distance of the expo grounds, which while abundant with pull tabs, bottle caps and loads of other trashy items, this spot was sure to be rich with some gold coins.


Wayne armed with his Minelab Equinox 800  and I with the Minelab CTX 3030 we headed off to make the most of our spare time. Within the first few swings, the “goldies” started popping out of the ground. Wayne with the Equinox 800 was looking for an ID between 20-22 range, leaving any target registering a number below 20 and ignoring anything deeper than two on the depth gauge.

On my CTX 3030 I have my favourite pre-set program specifically for $1 & $2 coins, but my sweet numbers are 11 or 12 (First Number) and 37,38 or 39 (Second Number). If you would like to learn how to put this pattern into you CTX 3030 then click here.


After finding a rough location of a target with the detector, the Minelab Pro-Find 35 made recovery a breeze. If the target is showing shallow depth on the depth gauge, the PRO-FIND will be able to pinpoint the exact location with a solid tone without digging. Once the target was located exactly, a simple prod in the ground with our Deck Saver Digging tool and another dollar or 2 was recovered without using a shovel at all


 Having this spot so close to the expo enabled us to run some impromptu lessons for people who had purchased units from us – All were amazed at the ease and frequency that the coins kept appearing and headed home with their first treasure hunting finds along with some detecting valuable tips.

The total for about 4 -5 hours coin hunting was $261.00 between Wayne and myself – Not bad for a for a few hours fun and enjoyment.



Happy Hunting

Gold Digger Dave