Knowledge is everything, don't be afraid to ask!

After detecting another park for an hour with nothing historical turning up I started talking to a local and they mentioned a park down the road had quite a bit of history.

I immediately changed spots.

After criss crossing the park i found a hot spot and picked up a 1920 silver shilling and an 1898 British Penny. For reasons unknown I happen to be looking in the direction of the huge garden bed (no plants just trees and bark!) and noticed the rim of an old bottle. A local said hello and mentioned they used dirt from a tip to fill in the beds which made sense given all the trash. Scattered around it was old pottery so i swung the detector over the area and BANG! VDI 25 on the equinox, and a silver shilling showed itself only a few centimetres deep! 30 pre-decimal coins later in the one garden bed and my pants were slipping from my waist under the weight. A truly memorable dig.

Don't be afraid to talk to locals. Open your eyes and look for tell tale signs, and buy a good machine.

I was essentially digging a trash dump and the Minelab Equinox discriminated brilliantly between trash and treasure, it made all the difference. Get down to your local Miners Den store now and grab one, you won't be disappointed!

For any information on the Equinox contact your local Miners Den store or follow me on Instagram @ozzy_digger and i'll be happy to help out wherever i can.