A Short Trip to Nth Qld

One of our regular customers was kind enough to show us the spoils of his recent short trip to North Queensland.

After several gold less days trudging through the hills in the hot, humid conditions, he was lucky enough to stumble on to a very nice patch. It was only a small patch but had some great weight. There were quite a few nuggets but the trophy ones he found were as follows:

The largest weighing in at 80.2 grams is a nice speccy dug at a depth of about 52cm.

The medium piece is a solid lump weight about 65.5 grms at around 40cm deep.

And the ‘small’ on came in at 14grams and a similar depth.

Our customer was using the Minelab GPX 5000 coupled to a 14" x 9” Nugget Finder Evolution coil. He was very surprised at the depth capability of this coil remarking that all the gold even at that depth gave good positive signals.

All we can say is well done, and we hope his next trip is just as golden!