I had been using a VLF machine for some time and had found no gold, only lead from bullets and some rusted iron. I was really struggling with the VLF’s inability to distinguish between hot mineralised ground and an authentic target, and was building up one Popeye-like arm from constant fruitless digging.

After watching the SDC 2300 videos and finds for a few months, then finally treated myself to an extra special Christmas present. A quick familiarisation session in the bush, (the suburban electro-magnetic interference causes the SDC to howl like a Banshee!) then I headed off to my local goldfield feeling pretty confident.

I was able to spend four full days of detecting, finally finding my first piece of gold on day one.

The four days findings proceeded as follows:

Day One – two nuggets

Day Two – three nuggets

Day Three – five nuggets

Day Four – five nuggets

Although they were not big nuggets, it all adds up. I found the SDC easy to set up and use, wasn’t tiresome even by the end of the day, and cut through the hot mineralised ground like butter that the VLF machine could not handle.

This is my first pulse induction detector, and I believe the results reflect the ease of use and potential of this machine.

My current tally is 27 nuggets, all from South Australia, and cannot wait to try the SDC in Victoria or Western Australia.

I would highly recommend the use of headphones, either the Koss supplied unit or your favourite headphones coupled to an audio adaptor lead from Phase Technical (http://phasetechnical.com.au/).