The problem with worn skid plates.

Worn Skid plates

Hi all!

We’ve all heard the motto of go low and slow, when we go metal detecting – which is one of the ways that we can increase our finds. This can be hard to do for novices to metal detecting – but with a little practice, it becomes second nature. If you raise your coil four inches off the ground for instance – then the detector is not penetrating into the ground as far as it should.

To protect the coil from getting damaged, every coil that comes with a Minelab metal detector (as well as every coil that we sell on its own – Minelab, Nuggetfinder & Coiltek) come fitted with a skid plate.

Because the skid plate comes into contact with the ground/rocks etc – you need to check it on a regular basis, to make sure it has not worn though. If it does happen to wear through without you realizing, you will end up wearing a hole in your coil! Also, dirt and or moisture between the coil and skid plate can increase the ground noise that your detector receives – which will hinder its performance.

Most of our regular customers keep a spare skid plate in their kit, for the coils they regularly use.  If doing the “big trip’’ to the WA goldfields – they make sure they have a few!

Always remember – skid plates are cheaper than coils!


Shane has used Minelab’s metal detectors for 28 years, and has worked for Miners Den Australia for 7 years... Specializing in detecting for gold, he has also recently purchased an Equinox 800 – to look for coins/relics etc – as well as gold nuggets hidden amongst the trash!!