North Queensland Gold

In 2014 I had the great privilege of traveling to Forsayth, Nth Qld, with my mates for a 10 day detecting trip.

Forsayth is approximately 1900kms north from Brisbane- in the start of the beautiful gulf country, located near Georgetown- a historically rich gold mining area.

In recent years, a number of cattle stations have opened their gates to prospectors and has been proving to be a very fruitful area for detecting. Some of the stations you can visit include, Dells Hole, Long Gully, Western Creek, Mt Talbot, Gilberton, Flat Creek and many more.

For our trip, we decided to base ourselves on Dells Hole where there is a nice camping area next to a very picturesque dam- It is a huge property with potential all over it.

It took us 3 days to get our bearings and get onto the gold- but what a first piece it was!

We had arrived in a likely looking area and all split up to explore the surrounding hills and gullies. We all ended us some 800+ meters from our vehicles. After a few very hot hours of detecting with no luck I did something I don’t normally do- I turned off my detector to walk back to the car for a break.

Well 30m or so from the car there was some exposed gravel and as I stepped onto it something told me to switch back on and detect it. Well on the last swing before the gravel disappeared again I got a faint signal. After taking 6”off it was definitely a target. It got louder as I got deeper down and at about 14” out came a big surprise- a nice ½ oz nugget like a big cornflake! I was so excited- a nugget too big to fit into my pill bottle!

That find then led us to some more nice bits over the next day or so.

After that area had been worked we found another area near some old mines- we could tell it was an old patch as there were plenty of old detector holes about. This day was very hot- about 36 degrees and humidity in the high 80%. But shortly after starting I was onto a nice target.

Digging through the red dirt I hit a layer of purple schist and quartz and to my amazement the target came out from between 2 pieces of schist with a small pocket where the nugget looks like it had formed. It was a very weird one indeed- 6.5 grams of crystalline wire gold.

We had a great trip and ended up with a tally of 87grms between us- which was not bad for a first time in a new area!

For anyone from the southern states looking for a tropical detecting experience- I would highly recommend Forsayth as a great destination with heaps of golden potential!