We find most customers prefer to use small coils on their GPX detectors. This stands to reason, as small coils are more sensitive to smaller nuggets – and there are far more smaller nuggets around than larger ones!! However, if a larger coil is used – in particular the flat wound mono coils produced by Nugget Finder and Coiltek – greater depth is achieved on nuggets from around 10 grams and larger. With nuggets over an ounce – the increase in depth is very significant.

When using larger coils, you have to be patient, as you tend to find a lot less nuggets – but if you persist – you may find that the weight of gold you find will increase.

Many people find pin pointing with a large mono coil is difficult. Although it is harder than with a smaller coil, with a bit of practice – it is not a problem. When a deep target is heard, the use of Minelab’s PRO-FIND 25 Pinpointer is very beneficial.

Some food for thought - One of our more successful customers, when detecting in WA, mainly uses coils of 18’’ and larger. He rarely finds a nugget under two grams – but tries to average two ounces a week !!