The anticipation grew as our WA trip got closer! This year there would be 5 of us going to Murrin Murrin, Redcastle, near Swincers Well ( north of Laverton) and Burtville. We would be away for 6 weeks during July and August.

The planning, packing of 2 vehicles, a camper trailer and a trailer and research had all been done and we were off. The drive over took 3 days. We had a Minelab GPZ 7000, 4 x GPX 5000’s and 2 x SDC 2300’s on board.

We started at Murrin, where we had finished a couple of years before. The campsite was chosen and our first night detecting realised a couple of little nuggets. The best piece for the week was a 20 grammer. A couple of little ones were found nearby. We stayed in the general area picking up small nuggets for the next week.

Then off to Swincers Well. The map showed a track close to near where we wanted to go but it was overgrown so we drove around until we found a campsite high on a hill. We had a spectacular sunset great food and good weather for a week but the gold was scarce.

After packing up it was off to Burtville. We camped between two old mine shows on the section 40E we had taken out that was showing plenty of laterite around the area. We detected and detected for a week but could not turn up any colour. It rained for about a day and finally the decision was made to move on.

After getting some supplies at Laverton it was back to the Murrin area. More small pieces were found over the next couple of days, but then 4 of us took the car for a day driving and detecting. We stopped at 4 spots and found gold at three of them. We then moved the camp to where we thought would be the most productive area near Redcastle.

The second last day we went for another drive and found more pending ground near where some pushing had been done. A beautiful 25.5 grammer was found at about 18 inches (45 cm) in the laterite. Then a 12 gram specimen was found at about the same depth only metres away. The last day we all found gold, with the last piece being found only metres away from the car minutes before we finished.

The last 5 days yielded at least 15 grams per day. The total for the trip, 370 nuggets,  weighed in at 8.5 oz. I’m looking forward to putting my new skills into action back in Victoria as soon as I can.