Minelab’s SDC 2300 metal detector is one of our biggest selling gold prospecting detectors.

It handles the mineralized ground in the goldfields fantastically (greatly reducing ground noise) – it does not penetrate into the ground as far on large gold nuggets as the GPX series, or the GPZ7000 - but is brilliant on small gold nuggets – and very few adjustments need to be made when using it (very user friendly).

We tell people that once they learn how to use this detector – they should be finding small gold nuggets on a regular basis. One of our employees (who has been detecting for a long time) actually aims to find gold every hour with it!!

It is also very compact once folded down – making it is easy to hike into those hard to reach areas, that have not been detected very often.

Until the end of this month – Minelab are giving away their PRO-SONIC audio booster with the SDC – valued at $399. This product makes the SDC even better – boosting up those faint targets – so you can hear them clearer!!