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GPX Series

Miners Den Australia keeps constant stock of all your must have Minelab metal detector spares and parts to ensure you spend more time out prospecting and swinging your detector.

Having the largest range of spare parts in Australia you can be sure we have the part you need.

All Minelab Repair and Spares products are available ONLINE ONLY.

Disclaimer – Miners Den Australia recommend if you are having issues with your Minelab metal detector to first contact a Miners Den Australia authorised Service Repair Centre or Minelab. If your detector is under warranty, trying to repair the machine yourself or at an unauthorised repair centre may void the warranty. Miners Den Australia are not liable for any damages occurred for any repairs not carried out at one of our Authorised Service Centres.

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  1. Minelab Armrest Kit GPX - Sov - Eureka

    Minelab Armrest Kit for the Minelab GPX - Sovereign - Eureka series metal detectors. Includes 1pr Armrest.
  2. Spare Part - Screw, No.5X8 Znpl Pan Pozi

    Screw to mount LCD to LCD End Panel. Suits Minelab GPX 4500 / GPX 4800 and GPX 5000 metal detectors. Part Number 31-30580-501
  3. Spare Part - Nut, 1-4-20 Unc Nylon Wing Black

    Std 1/4" Nut for all Minelab 1/4" Bolts. For all Minelab Shafts. Suits SD / GP / GPX /Sovereign / Eureka Gold / XT and Excalibur Metal Detectors. Part Number 31-51400-622
  4. Spare Part - Washer Teardrop ISO 5mm

    Standard Tear Drop washer. Suits Minelab SD / GP / GPX / Sovereign / Eureka Gold / XT and Excalibur metal detectors. Part Number 4005-0006
  5. Spare Part - Washer Anti-Rotation 16mm I-D

    Washer for GPX Series power socket to stop socket rotating when tightening power cable. Suits GPX series metal detectors. Part Number 4005-0090
  6. Spare Part - Pot, 20K Lin CC 1 Turn Panel Mount

    Threshold Pot. Suits GPX Series detectors. Part Number 42-42000-000
  7. Spare Part - Socket, 5way Free

    5 Pin Plug all Musk/SD/GP & GPX Coils. Part Number 60-00054-001
  8. Spare Part - Plug, 3way 125VAC 3A Panel Fixed

    Smart Point Connector to Plug in Ext GB Switch to suit GP/GPX Series Metal Detectors. Part Number 60-2301-0036
  9. Spare Part - Socket, Jack 1-4 Headphone Fixed

    Standard Headphone Socket for SD/GP & GPX Batteries. Part Number 60-2302-0001
  10. Spare Part - Socket, 5way Panel Free

    5 Pin Power socket for all GPX C/Boxes & Lithium ION Batteries. Suits GP/GPX Series. Part Number 60-2302-0043
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Items 1 to 10 of 38 total

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