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SDC 2300

Miners Den Australia keeps constant stock of all your must have Minelab metal detector spares and parts to ensure you spend more time out prospecting and swinging your detector.

Having the largest range of spare parts in Australia you can be sure we have the part you need.

All Minelab Repair and Spares products are available ONLINE ONLY.

Disclaimer – Miners Den Australia recommend if you are having issues with your Minelab metal detector to first contact a Miners Den Australia authorised Service Repair Centre or Minelab. If your detector is under warranty, trying to repair the machine yourself or at an unauthorised repair centre may void the warranty. Miners Den Australia are not liable for any damages occurred for any repairs not carried out at one of our Authorised Service Centres.

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  1. Spare Part - Coil, 8 Inch Mono Round Compact Blue

    Replacement coil kit inc Knuckle & pivot point for Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector. Part Number 2021-0122
  2. Spare Part - Knob, Lift and Turn Overmoulded

    Knob, Replacement for SDC 2300 metal detector. Part Number 4305-0032
  3. Spare Part - Pin, Camlock Lever

    Cam Lock pins for SDC 2300 Shaft Assembly. Part Number 4308-0014
  4. Spare Part - Pin, Lock Latch

    SDC2 300 Shaft locking pin - When shaft is fully swung out & Handle locked up. Part Number 4308-0018
  5. Spare Part - Pin, Coil Cable Retainer

    Cable retainer & guide for SDC 2300 Knuckle coil end of shaft assembly. Part Number 4308-0030
  6. Spare Part - Pin, Strain Relief Coil Cable

    Cable strain relief & guide SDC 2300 Hinge main Body. Part Number 4308-0031
  7. Spare Part - Hinge, Elbow Lower Shaft Overmoulded

    Replacement elbow, one half SDC 2300. Part Number 4311-0086
  8. Spare Part - Hinge, Elbow Coil Yoke Blue

    Replacement Elbow for SDC 2300 Shaft Assembly. Part Number 4311-0096
  9. Spare Part - Lock, Lid Battery Compartment

    Battery compartment lid Lock Mechanism for SDC 2300. Part Number 4313-0003
  10. Spare Part - Tether, Lid Battery

    To Hold Battery compartment Lid for SDC 2300. Part Number 8005-0070
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Items 1 to 10 of 31 total

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