Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector



Immerse yourself in the world of underwater treasure hunting with the Minelab Excalibur II metal detector, meticulously crafted for diving enthusiasts. This exceptional detector is fully waterproof, allowing you to explore depths up to an impressive 60 meters, revealing hidden treasures beneath the waves.

Equipped with advanced variable discrimination, the Excalibur II effortlessly detects valuable items even in challenging underwater environments. Its superior ground cancelling ability ensures minimal false signals, whether you're on land or in the water, providing a seamless and accurate detecting experience.

Unleash the potential of this versatile detector for beach combing, diving adventures, and shallow wading, as it uncovers the mysteries beneath the water's surface. With the Minelab Excalibur II, your underwater exploration reaches new depths of excitement and discovery.


  • BBS multiple frequency technology (1.5kHz – 25.5kHz). 
  • RCB amplifies weak target signals inside the coil, reducing noise and boosting faint, deep objects.
  • High Visibility fluorescent bodywork and skidplate
  • Slimline 10" coil for reduced weight and improved balance. 
  • NiMH Rechargeable battery pack for operation up to 12 hours. 
  • Side-mount shaft for shallow and surf-wading (available as an optional accessory).


Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector Specifications

Application Coin, Relic, Jewellery, Beach & Dive (waterproof 200ft)
Technology BBS
Frequency/Transmission Multiple frequencies: 1.5, 3, 4.5,...25.5kHz)
Coil (standard) 10" round Double-D hardwired coil.
Audio Output Headphones (hardwired).
Headphones Supplied Koss 8 ohm headphones (hardwired).
Visual Display -
Backlight -
USB Connectivity -
Memory -
Depth Indication -
Detect Modes Discriminate or All-Metal (Pinpoint).
Discrimination Variable Discrimination (adjustable turn control) & All Metal (Pinpoint).
Timings -
Audio tone -
Audio Type -
Ground Balance Automatic ground rejection.
Ground Balance Type -
Trash Density -
Pinpoint Pinpoint Mode
Sensitivity Adjust Auto & manual (adjustable turn control).
Tune / Noise Cancel -
Threshold Adjustable turn contol.
Target Volume Adjust Adjustable turn contol.
Battery NiMH battery pack 13V 1000 mAh (14-19 hours). Supplied with mains charger, alkaline battery optional accessory.
Low battery alert Audio alert.
Length Standard shaft 1140mm - 1220mm (45" - 48"); Dive shaft 820mm - 910mm (32" - 36").
Weight 10" coil 2.3kg (5.1lbs) (inc NiMH battery).
Warranty 1 year control box & coil.


Minelab Excalbur II Metal Detector Warranty

1 year control box and coil.



All Minelab detectors are engineered in Australia, manufactured to exacting standards in ISO 9001/2000 quality accredited facilities, and backed by up to 1-years transferable warranties.

Minelab recommends that you register your product online shortly after purchase. If you do not want to register online, you can fill out the form supplied with the detector, and mail it to your nearest Minelab office.

If you lose the form or make a mistake, you can download and print a new Minelab warranty registration form.

Read the full Minelab warranty terms and conditions.


Excalibur 11

Firstly, miners den are the best to deal with! Speedy shipping and courteous follow up emails. Secondly, the excalibur is awesome! In the ocean and on the beach! Found the standard ring pulls, bottle caps and a dozen tent pegs. But found my riches as well! $5 lol. A real pleasure to use. Thank you miners den.

(5) 20 November 2023

Great detector

Very pleased with it so far, does great in the water.

(5) 23 August 2023

Excalibur II number 3

I bought my fourth Minelab Excalibur and the thIrd Excalibur II a week ago. It was great to see a new battery charger with LED charge indicator lights. This is a great improvement on the original chargers. Field testing was productive and the machine performs as well as the other two. I’m too tall for the standard shafts unfortunately but that problem is not a big deal. I have used the Excalibur for about 17 years and it’s by far the best amphibious detector I have used. I’m very often searching on SCUBA in zero visibility and I have used the Excalibur II up to 31m underwater without a problem. The controls remain unchanged from the original Excalibur 1000 to the current Excalibur II. I highly recommend the Minelab Excalibur II if you are serious about detecting under water and/or in the surf.

(5) 26 January 2022
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