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Manticore M8 Coil - Unrivalled Precision


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The M8 coil, featuring an 8 x 5.5-inch elliptical Double-D design, boasts impressive waterproofing, capable of withstanding depths of up to 5 meters (16 feet). Its exceptional sensitivity to small targets makes it an excellent choice for treasure hunters navigating cluttered environments with abundant debris. Moreover, it excels in challenging terrains, making it the go-to option for detecting in rough conditions. With the protective skidplate included, the M8 coil's weight is a mere 400g, contributing to the overall lightweight design of the MANTICORE detector, which tips the scales at just 1.2kg when paired with the M8 coil.


Key Features:

1. Smaller Size, Greater Performance: The 8" size of the Manticore coil offers unmatched maneuverability, making it ideal for navigating through cluttered and challenging terrains. It allows you to access tight spaces and pinpoint targets with precision, revealing valuable finds that larger coils might miss.

2. Unrivaled Sensitivity: Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this coil boasts exceptional sensitivity, ensuring you won't miss even the tiniest targets. Experience the thrill of discovering elusive relics, coins, and precious metals buried deep beneath the surface.

3. Enhanced Gold Prospecting: If you're a gold enthusiast, the Manticore 8" coil is a game-changer. Its specialised design maximises your chances of finding gold nuggets and flakes, giving you the edge in your prospecting endeavors.

4. Durability and Reliability: Crafted with Minelab's renowned quality standards, this coil is built to withstand the rugged conditions of metal detecting. Rest assured that it will endure the test of time, supporting your passion for years to come.

5. Effortless Installation: The Manticore 8" Metal Detector Coil is simple to install, ensuring you can start descovering in no time. Compatible with your Minelab metal detector, it seamlessly integrates into your setup for a seamless detecting experience.

6. Water Resistance: The Manticore M8 - 8" Coil is designed with a submergible water resistant rating of up to 5 metres. This means you can take the powerful M8 anywhere with your Manticore Metal Detector. (Please be advised this means the coil will function correctly up to 5 meters of water, it cannot be guaranteed if the coil is taken deeper)


Join the ranks of successful treasure hunters and gold prospectors who rely on the Minelab Manticore M8 - 8" Metal Detector Coil. Embrace the anticipation and equip yourself with this powerful tool to unravel the secrets hidden beneath the earth's surface. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to take your metal detecting prowess to the next level!


Note: This coil is compatible with Minelab's Manticore Metal Detector only. 


Weight: 400g

Dimensions: 8 Inches Long x 5.5 Inches Wide


Minelab Manticore M8 Coil

3 years.



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