Minelab Pro-Swing 45 Metal Detector Harness



Weightless Detecting! Universal Metal Detector Harness

Minelab’s innovative W8 distribution system and specialist features allow you to spend more time in the field, detecting with ease. Designed for ultimate convenience and functionality.

The latest in harness design featuring the W8 distribution system evenly distributes weight from your shoulders via the J-strut helping to make your detector swing lighter.

W8 Technology

The ergonomic harness design evenly distributes weight from your shoulders, via the J-strut, making your detecting swing lighter.



Minelab Pro-Swing 45 Metal Detector Harness

I had previously been detecting for some months, using a Gold Monster without a harness. Unfortunatley I found I couldn't detect for very long without getting pain in my back. I got the Pro-Swing 45 Harness, when I recently upgraded to a (heavier) SDC2300 detector, and have found I can now detect for much longer and not only without pain, but am getting stronger. The harness is very comfortable, supportive and easy to use. The harness strut can be swapped to the left or right side, depending on which arm you use to detect with. However I leave it on the right side, even though I sometimes use my left arm, and it still suppports me ok. I am really glad I bought this accessory, and thanks to the staff at Miner's Den Bendigo for their assistance to set it up. I also use the harness battery pack bag to hold my finds bottle, which is a little large so it doesn't fall out of the bag.

(5) 3 June 2021
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