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12 grams of Beautiful Gold Nuggets

A Miners Den Australia blog post from the Archives, originally posted on September 28th 2014.


A customer recently came into BendigoGold to share his finds with us;


It was a nice day and I decided to go detecting up higher where it was quieter.


I was walking around slowly with my Minelab GPX 4500 metal detector and started to pull up nuggets out of a small area, that I had been working at over a few days.


The nuggets weighed a total of 12 grams with 16 in total.


The biggest nugget weighed in at 6.9 grams and was only 3 inches down.


I’m thinking about going back with my larger coil, due to my great success with these little ones.


Well done, Great Finds!

Gold Nuggets


Gold Nugget


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