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Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity Test Instructions

A specific gravity test is used to calculate the amount of Gold that is contained in a quartz and gold laced specimen.

One method of conducting a specific gravity test was shown on The Minelab Show Episode 14.


Equipment Required

  • See through Water Container - Large enough to suspend & see specimen
  • Digital Scales
  • Hook for Suspending Specimen
  • Cotton or thin line to attach specimen with whilst weighing in water
  • Pen, Paper & Calculator


Gold Content = (3.1 x Weight Dry) - (2.9 x Weight Wet)


  1. Weigh specimen on scales - record weight
  2. Weigh specimen whilst suspended in water - record weight
  3. Use numbers recorded and add ino the above forumula


Check out Tony's clip showing you how to perform the above.


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