Low Feedback External Speaker for GPX Series Metal Detectors



Latest design, low feed back speaker to suit Minelab GPX-4500 and GPX 5000 metal detectors, unlike any other speakers on the market. The speaker will also work with any amplifier available on the market for the Minelab metal detectors. Speakers help reproduce faint targets better than the head phones supplied with the metal detector. Our brand new speaker to suit Minelab GPX-4500/GPX 5000 Metal Detectors. This speaker has been specifically engineered to eliminate the problem of feedback when checking your targets close to the coil. Speakers that are currently available in Australia all have this annoying feedback problem. This speaker has a standard 1/4" jack and is suited to most boosters currently available on the market. The speaker will also plug directly into your Minelab GPX series metal detector battery. All the advantages of better target response on faint targets, able to wear hat in warm weather, no more sweaty ears and perfect for people sharing a detector or instructing someone else how to use a gold metal detector.


works well and well priced

I recently purchased this external speaker and found it works really well. I wanted it for my minelab SD2200D so i used the web chat box and spoke to the sales person who was super helpful and advised as i have an audio booster with a volume dial it would work fine. It does work really well and have used it a few times on the beach. I will be taking it to the goldfields next month. I like it especially because now i am wireless. I have my battery connected to the controll box and my speaker aswell. so i can put the detector down and dig without being connected to it. faster target recovery and less faffing about!

(5) 18 August 2022
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