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Miners Den Certified Minelab Second-hand Metal Detectors


Welcome to the Minelab Certified Second-hand Metal Detectors.

Here you can have your Minelab Metal Detector serviced to ensure it is in tip top shape for the upcoming trip or in preparation for resale - This is the best place to buy & sell pre-loved Minelab Metal Detectors.

Whether you are trading up to a new model Minelab Metal Detector or have simply completed your gold adventures The Miners Den Certified Second-hand Metal Detector page is the easiest way to sell your used Minelab Metal Detector

The Advantages

  • Low listing fee
  • Secure transaction process
  • Transfer of balance of warranty with Minelab
  • 3-month limited warranty
  • Pre-sale check and detail

How it Works

Simply contact your local Miners Den Store with your Minelab Metal Detector and all the standard accessories – We only check and offer 3-month limited warranty on selected Minelab products – If you have accessories such as aftermarket coils, boosters, speakers etc we will detail them as part of the service and advise should they not be fit for use.

We do not service or sell second-hand modified Minelab Metal Detectors.

Miners Den Minelab trained technicians will then complete a comprehensive check on the unit and report findings back to the owner with recommendations on any corrective action needed – An estimate of any parts and labour will be provided before work is undertaken.

Once our service technicians have competed the operations check, they will then give the machine a total clean & detail to have it in the best possible condition.

At this point you have completed the machine service and it is now certified as is in working order as per factory specifications – It comes with a 3-month limited warranty from Australia’s largest Authorised Minelab Service Centre and a detailed report on works undertaken, including an estimate of the potential selling price range.

Selling Your Machine

When the check and detail are completed you are then able to have your machine listed on Miners Den Minelab Certified S/H Detectors page.

This page is the best place to sell you pre-loved Minelab equipment – It offers the seller benefits such as secure transaction gateway, a line of highly qualified web traffic and secure shipping facilities.

Buyers can shop with confidence knowing that the unit has been fully checked and performs as it should and has a limited warranty. Prospective purchasers can be confident that they are not buying a fake or stolen unit and if they wish can take advantage of our easy finance option.

All you need to do is set the price and one of the friendly team at the Miners Den Authorised Service Centre in Bendigo will get the ball rolling.

The table below list the fees associated with the program

Service Fee 

  $ 169.00 - $199

Listing Fee

  $  27.50

Sale Fee

      4.5 - 5.5 %

Postage to buyer

   Covered by the consignee up     to $50

Detectors eligible for the service- Ctx3030, E-trac, Gpx4000, Gpx4500, Gpx5000, Gpx6000, Gpz7000, Sdc2300

Miners Den can also trade in or purchase your machine too! Please call the Bendigo store on 03 5448 4140 for details.



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