GPX6000 product notice

Minelab - The world’s leading manufacturer of metal detection products has discovered some improvements that may assist with users who prefer to use a speaker whilst detecting with the GPX 6000

As a result, Minelab are offering a free upgrade to users who are experiencing excessive EMI interference

This upgrade reduces the need to frequently noise cancel the GPX 6000 metal detector whilst operating with a speaker

To have this upgrade done to your detector all you need to do is to return the control box to either Minelab in Adelaide or to the Miners Den authorized service Centre in Bendigo

1. Contact the Miners Den Authorized service centre.

Ph 03 5448 4140

You will need the following information ready to give to Miners Den staff:

- Full name
- Contact phone number
- Return postal address
- Detector serial number (located on the bottom of the control box)

2. Miners Den Staff will then determine if your detector already has the hardware update.

3. To have your detector updated you will need to send your detector control box to the following address.

Miners Den Bendigo (Authorized service centre)

P O Box 2852

Bendigo DC Vic 3554

If you are posting in the detector, we are only needing the control box

Click here for a short clip on how to remove your control box

or alternatively bring the machine to

Miners Den Bendigo

109 Watson Street

White Hills (Bendigo)

The upgrade will take a little time to be done so please confirm with the store prior to bring in the machine that our Technician - Nathan - is onsite and able to complete the upgrade


Miners Den Australia are authorised service agents for the range of Minelab Metal Detectors – we now provide full Minelab Warranty and non-warranty service for all Minelab supported metal detectors and can still repair many of the earlier non-supported units (Subject to parts availability).

Conveniently located in Bendigo and with fast turn around times, our factory trained technician Nathan, is sure to have you back out in the field in no time.

With competitive repair rates – Now more than ever Miners Den Australiais your One Stop Minelab Shop

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Need some assistance?

Try emailing or calling your local Minelab service centre below.


Miners Den Bendigo Service Centre

109 Watson Street, White Hills Vic 3551

Phone: 03 5448 4140

Email: Click to Email Bendigo service centre


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