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Minelab Product Verification

All Minelab products sold via the Miners Den Australia network are Minelab verified and you can be assured you are buying a genuine Minelab machine. It is important to buy your new Minelab Metal Detector from an Authorised dealer.

If you are purchasing a second hand Minelab Metal Detector there are steps you can take to ensure you are buying a genuine Minelab machine.

You can verify the authenticity of any Minelab Metal Detector by clicking the button below and verifying the machines serial number (It will open a new window to the product verification system provided by Minelab.


Minelab Product Verification


How To Check For A Genuine Minelab Metal Detector

Minelab now have three levels of verification available for consumers to ensure they are purchasing a genuine Minelab Metal Detector. To learn about the three levels of security please watch the above video.