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Minelab Product Verification

All Minelab products sold via the Miners Den Australia network are Minelab verified and you can be assured you are buying a genuine Minelab machine. It is important to buy your new Minelab Metal Detector from an Authorised dealer.

If you are purchasing a second hand Minelab Metal Detector there are steps you can take to ensure you are buying a genuine Minelab machine.

You can verify the authenticity of any Minelab Metal Detector by clicking the button below and verifying the machines serial number (It will open a new window to the product verification system provided by Minelab.


Minelab Product Verification


How To Check For A Genuine Minelab Metal Detector

Minelab now have three levels of verification available for consumers to ensure they are purchasing a genuine Minelab Metal Detector. To learn about the three levels of security please watch the above video.

Lockdown Semi-Closure

Miners Den Sydney, Melbourne, Bendigo and Adelaide stores will be closed to foot traffic during the lockdown until further notice. We still open for Click and Collect and Phone order pick up and despatch from Mon- Friday 10 A.M to 3 P.M. .