Sand Scoop



Lightweight sand scoop for beach treasure detecting. Makes recovering targets simple on the beach and is an essential part of the beach hunters tool kit. May assist in avoiding contact with sharp objects on the beaches


good and cheep scoop

I was using a classifier sieve that i had but it was too bulky and unwieldy. I was just going to make a sand scoop out of a milk carton. I am glad i bought this instead! it is thick plastic - slightly thicker than a lid of a coke bottle/or milk bottle. My son found his first coin with the detector and the rattle of the coin in this sand scoop was satisfying. pros Good quality, light weight, and quickly retrieves targets and such a low price. i carry it with the handle tucked in my belt. The only addition that i would recommend would be a stretchy lanyard to attach it to the detector, back pack or belt. But i guess that would probably double the price. great product!

(4) 18 August 2022
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