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A Lesson to Be Learned

We all know as we gain experience as prospectors most of the trash is scattered all over on top of the ground and if you find a nail the audio usually gives you a double beep as it receives a signal from both ends of the ferrous steel.


Well I was looking for a new patch and wandering around the sides of some old gullies that had diggings on them and I got a signal, loud and with the double beep so I knew it was a nail. I moved the leaf litter with my boot and the target moved with it so I knew it was a nail but the tone did not sound like steel it was more mellow and more like lead or gold so that sparked my interest. I investigated the target still thinking it was going to be a nail or a bit of copper wire or something like that and to my surprise it was a 2.05-gram nugget that looked like an elephants head with the trunk. So, my lesson learned is: Dig everything!


Good luck to you all.