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EQUINOX Series Detector - Software Update

Minelab EQUINOX Series Metal Detector


Software Upgrade 3.0

What is new?

A new Single Frequency of 4 kHz has been added to the existing 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 kHz options. This new 4 kHz frequency enhances the detection of large deep targets, particularly those found in parts of Asia. As a result of optimising for these conditions, this new frequency may respond differently for users compared to the other single frequencies.

All other single and multi-frequency settings are unchanged in their performance. In addition to the 4 kHz upgrade feature, various stability enhancements have been included.

For detailed update instructions, download and read the below brochure.

Please note Utility Updates are program files and will download from Minelab's website.

Download the Brochure

Download the Utility Update (Windows)

Download the Utility Update (Mac)


Minimum System Requirements:

USB 2.0 port
EQUINOX USB Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector

Windows 10

50 MB of hard drive space
20 MB of RAM


Greater than 10.13 High Sierra
50 MB of hard drive space
30 MB of RAM


Only one EQUINOX can be connected to your computer during the update operation.
The EQUINOX must be ON during the software update.
Any custom detector settings will be preserved while performing the update
An internet connection is required to download the Minelab Update Utility to the computer, however, an internet connection is not required to update the EQUINOX and this can be done offline.
The EQUINOX coil must be connected to perform the update
Important: Do not turn off or disconnect the EQUINOX during the update process.
For step-by-step instructions on how to install the software update, please refer to the above brochures.

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