Gold Digger Dave's Gourmet Paydirt 700+ Gram Bag - Gold Guaranteed




700+ Gram bag

Each bag contains concentrates right from a working mine on the famous Poseidon lead in Victoria’s Golden triangle!

Each bag of paydirt is guaranteed to contain gold, some paydirt bags contain rich patches!

Also hidden in some bags are Gold, Silver and Bronze coloured Miners Den tokens which can be redeemed for a discount off your next purchase!

Gold tokens        $50 off purchases over $100.00

Silver tokens      $25 off purchases over $50.00  

Bronze tokens   $10.00 off next purchase



I bought the 700gm bag of pay dirt as my first ever purchase of this type of product just to “keep my eye in”. I have been chasing quartz reefs more than river sands so decided I needed some practice. I panned out 0.8gms of gold which at today’s prices is good value for money. I, going on my experience, recommend this product and feel confident enough to buy a couple more.

(5) 9 April 2023

Fast delivery, professional package, GOLD FOUND!

Prior to purchasing I did a lot of research on paydirt and pricing and I’m so pleased I ordered this Miners Den paydirt. Such a reputable company! I actually found 0.28g in the 700g bag, had an great afternoon panning this in the comfort of home. The 700g bag was perfect size for 3-4 small pans and it took about 4 hours at a gentle pace. I then redid it twice just in case (pan over a big container and redo it to double/triple check). Thank you! Will definitely order again in future.

(5) 18 February 2023

Good fun with gold

Got one of these bags from the Penrith store. Just learning and with my first pass I got 1.31 grams of gold in a few good sized pickers and flakes. Great way to work on your panning form. If you can find the flakes and specs “flour” gold you know you are doing it right. Highly recommended.

(5) 18 April 2022

Pay dirt

Found some gold was a bit of fun learning to pan

(5) 28 March 2022

The G.D.D.G.

Have to say i had a lot of fun panning this paydirt. Nice pieces of chunky gold and easy to pan, Excellent fun and it helps you to perfect your panning with the added thrill when you start to see the gold.

(5) 4 September 2021
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