Gold Digger Dave's Gourmet Paydirt Tub 4.5kg



Gold Digger Dave’s Gourmet Paydirt now comes in a larger Tub size.

Containing fine gold and nuggets this new size offers a guaranteed 65 -70% return when panned correctly.

With enough paydirt for all the gold prospectors in your family you are sure to have hours of profitable entertainment.

Perfect for when you are unable to  make it the goldfields.

1 in 20 contains a bonus patch of nuggets and all tubs have a discount token


Bucket of happiness 100% happy

I can’t get out due to health atm so I hesitantly outlayed the money and bought me a bucket so I could pan at home and in my own time. It soon arrived well packaged and with plenty of storage viles. When I opened the tub and had a quick look at the soil I was very impressed. You could even see chunky gold as you moved the soul around! Now I’m not even half way through panning the whole bucket but have just found a 5.72g nugget!! I normally total once I finish panning paydirt but after finding this thumper I couldn’t help myself lol. Im only 1/2 way through and have currently recovered 9.92g of gold! Without any doubt this would be the best paydirt I have ever bought! Once I get it all panned and do a quick second pan to be sure I will update my review.

(5) 26 October 2021
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