Gold Digger Dave's Gourmet Paydirt 950+ Gram bag- Gold Guaranteed




950+ Gram bag

Each bag contains concentrates right from a working mine on the famous Poseidon lead in Victoria’s Golden triangle!

Each bag of paydirt is guaranteed to contain gold, some paydirt bags contain rich patches!

Also hidden in some bags are Gold, Silver and Bronze coloured Miners Den tokens which can be redeemed for a discount off your next purchase!

Gold tokens        $50 off purchases over $100.00

Silver tokens      $25 off purchases over $50.00  

Bronze tokens   $10.00 off next purchase


Pay dirt

I brought the paydirt for my son who is learning to pan and was surprised to see how much gold he found, mainly little pickers that got him really excited. I thought this product was great value and will buy it again.

(5) 30 November 2022

Good Quality paydirt

We purchased a couple of bags of Gold Digger Daves paydirt and are really impressed with the quality and amount of gold in the bags.

(5) 26 June 2022


Just finished panning out the bag and scored half a grams worth of pickers. Will buy again great way to cure the cravings

(0) 23 February 2022


Thankyou, very happy with the variable flour-chunky pieces in there. I'll probably make another purchase while I'm unable to be out looking.

(5) 18 February 2022

Great idea

As first time panners my husband and I really loved this product. We were able to practice our panning techniques in the comfort of our home and the knowledge we would be finding some gold, something you would never get this opportunity in the field. We were so impressed we have since bought some more as Xmas presents.

(5) 18 December 2021
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